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Since day one, Dui-Legal-Defense.com has taken pride in defending the rights and freedoms of Asbury Park-area drivers by providing the highest quality of representation available in DUI and DWI cases. Our expert legal team has built thousands of successful defenses and is standing by to put our expertise to work for you. Call today to learn more about your options.

Asbury Park New Jersey A DUI arrest is a major issue.

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Dui-Legal-Defense.com makes efficient and effective DUI and DWI services available in and around the city, defending the freedom of area residents with our expert representation. The staff of legal professionals under our umbrella work every day to offer local drivers a reliable resource when their livelihoods and lifestyles are threatened by a potential DUI conviction.

Dui-Legal-Defense.com has a deep understanding of how sensitive DUI and DWI cases can be, particularly where your personal and professional lives are involved. Not only do we build a custom-tailored defense strategy that takes into account the unique factors in your case to give you the best possible chance at a favorable outcome, we also hold the privacy of your information in the highest regard.

Each member of our legal team shares the stated goal of developing and maintaining the best defense strategies possible by keeping a close study on current DUI case law. This dedication to consistent success in serving the local community is reflected in both our high successful defense rate and the satisfaction of our clients. Call today to talk to our expert legal team about the answers you need.

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A DUI conviction can have permanently life-altering consequences, and so when you’re charged with a moving violation involving alcohol or other substances, it’s always a serious matter. Only the most capable and time tested legal team in the area can guarantee the most positive outcome in a DUI or DWI case, so area residents know the only local name in defense is Dui-Legal-Defense.com.

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Our legal team can sit down with you to thoroughly review the facts of your case and establish an effective defense.

Asbury Park New Jersey We have a deep knowledge of DUI Laws.

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Our team of legal specialists can guarantee the best possible outcome for you in DMV hearings, trials and other legal venues relevant to your DUI or DWI case.

Asbury Park New Jersey We fight DUI charges.

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Our high success rate is driven by our individualized legal defense strategies, which take into account all the relevant factors involved such as police procedure and incident timeframe.

Asbury Park New Jersey Effective DUI Defense.

Experienced Professionals

Every member of our staff is fully committed to achieving the most favorable result possible in DUI and DWI cases, and our expertise gives us a success rate of over 90 percent.

Asbury Park New Jersey Have you been arrested for DUI? Call now.

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Full representation from Dui-Legal-Defense.com starts at just $2,800, offering residents of Asbury Park and the surrounding area a ready resource for resolving their legal issues.

Asbury Park New Jersey The majority of our DUI cases are dismissed before trial.

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Dui-Legal-Defense.com’s success in effective legal defense has made us the leading firm in the Asbury Park area in DUI and DWI cases.

Mishandling of evidence could overturn your DUI arrest!

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The Consequences of a DUI Conviction
Some of penalties include jail time and fines
Whether you plead guilty or are found guilty by a court, the consequences for a DUI conviction are significant. All states provide that DUI convictions are misdemeanors punishable by up to six months in jail and the imposition of substantial fines.
First-Time Convictions
Actual sentences are much less in first time non injury DUIs. A number of states provide for a minimum number of days to be served in jail (typically from one to three days), while many others have no minimum sentence. Most states impose large fines, and in most states you also have to pay a lot of money to attend mandatory DUI school. Licenses are typically suspended for up to a year, although most states will allow you to drive to and from work and medical care especially if you agree to an ignition interlock. Finally, most states put you on information probation for up to three years. This usually means that you will do additional jail time if you violate the terms of your probation, which in some states include zero tolerance for blood alcohol content. Finally, your conviction will be available to the DMV.
Prior Convictions
If you have prior DUI convictions all bets are off. Judges are much more likely to look at the individual case when priors are present than when it's the first time. If your BAC is just a little above .08, or your driving and field tests didn't indicate serious impairment, the judge will sentence you to the minimum required by your state's laws. But if the BAC is .15 or more, or you clearly evidenced bad driving that might have hurt someone if you hadn't been stopped, he or she may throw the book at you.
Finally, you will be required to attend DUI school. They say that in every crisis, there is an opportunity. Such is the case with DUI school. When you are convicted of a DUI, you are set up for much harsher sentence and fine if you are convicted of a subsequent DUI within the next 7 to 10 years. In that case, there will be no reason�able question about attorney representation�you will need it. But the best way to handle a second DUI is to not get one. That's what DUI school is all about. If you take it seriously, the likelihood of a repeat offense will go way down.
Interlock Ignition Devices
Almost all states now require people convicted of repeat or high-alcohol content DUI's to install interlock ignition devices in their cars that will disable the car if the device senses alcohol in your breath. See Ignition Interlock 101 for more information about these devices, and look up the DUI laws in your state.
Interstate Consequences of a DUI Conviction
It used to be that you could move to a different state and escape the consequences of a DUI conviction, but those days are long gone. Now, thanks to the Interstate Driver's License Compact and the National Drivers Registry, a DUI in one state is available to the computers in all states and so your DUI will continue to haunt you in any state.

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