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Since day one, Dui-Legal-Defense.com has taken pride in defending the rights and freedoms of Alta-area drivers by providing the highest quality of representation available in DUI and DWI cases. Our expert legal team has built thousands of successful defenses and is standing by to put our expertise to work for you. Call today to learn more about your options.

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Dui-Legal-Defense.com makes efficient and effective DUI and DWI services available in and around the city, defending the freedom of area residents with our expert representation. The staff of legal professionals under our umbrella work every day to offer local drivers a reliable resource when their livelihoods and lifestyles are threatened by a potential DUI conviction.

Dui-Legal-Defense.com has a deep understanding of how sensitive DUI and DWI cases can be, particularly where your personal and professional lives are involved. Not only do we build a custom-tailored defense strategy that takes into account the unique factors in your case to give you the best possible chance at a favorable outcome, we also hold the privacy of your information in the highest regard.

Each member of our legal team shares the stated goal of developing and maintaining the best defense strategies possible by keeping a close study on current DUI case law. This dedication to consistent success in serving the local community is reflected in both our high successful defense rate and the satisfaction of our clients. Call today to talk to our expert legal team about the answers you need.

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A DUI conviction can have permanently life-altering consequences, and so when you’re charged with a moving violation involving alcohol or other substances, it’s always a serious matter. Only the most capable and time tested legal team in the area can guarantee the most positive outcome in a DUI or DWI case, so area residents know the only local name in defense is Dui-Legal-Defense.com.

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Alta Utah A DUI conviction could make you unable to drive.

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Our legal team can sit down with you to thoroughly review the facts of your case and establish an effective defense.

Alta Utah Don't Leave Your DUI Defense to a Less Experienced Firm.

Reliable Representation

Our team of legal specialists can guarantee the best possible outcome for you in DMV hearings, trials and other legal venues relevant to your DUI or DWI case.

Alta Utah We can establish irregularities in procedure to invalidate your DUI Case.

Personalized Service

Our high success rate is driven by our individualized legal defense strategies, which take into account all the relevant factors involved such as police procedure and incident timeframe.

Alta Utah Can I Have My Charges Dropped With DUI Defense?

Experienced Professionals

Every member of our staff is fully committed to achieving the most favorable result possible in DUI and DWI cases, and our expertise gives us a success rate of over 90 percent.

Alta Utah Our DUI Defense Services are Priced for Drivers

Competitive Pricing

Full representation from Dui-Legal-Defense.com starts at just $2,800, offering residents of Alta and the surrounding area a ready resource for resolving their legal issues.

Alta Utah Can I have my DUI charges dropped in the legal system?

A Trusted Name

Dui-Legal-Defense.com’s success in effective legal defense has made us the leading firm in the Alta area in DUI and DWI cases.

DUI Laws are some of the country's strictest. Let us help after an arrest.

Dui-Legal-Defense.com is the BEST choice for
We can help you avoid a DUI conviction. in Alta.


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Alta , town and ski resort, Salt Lake county, northern Utah, U.S. Lying at an elevation of 8, 583 feet (2, 616 metres) in the Little Cottonwood Canyon of the Wasatch Range 26 miles (42 km) east of Salt Lake City, the town - then a silver mining camp - was founded as Central City in 1866 and renamed Alta (Spanish:'High') in 1871. It prospered intermittently until the Great Depression, when it became virtually a ghost town. It was developed as a ski resort in the late 1930s. Since then generations of winter visitors have been drawn to the area's famed powder snow, which falls at an average rate of 500 inches (12.7 metres) per year. The quaint, placid town hosts film and arts festivals throughout the year. Another ski facility, Snowbird, located 2 miles (3 km) west of Alta, opened in 1972. Inc. 1970. Pop. (2000) 370; (2010) 383.

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What is the legal limit for blood toxicity?

In general, it is illegal for you to drive while you are 'impaired' by drugs or alcohol. It should be clear at the outset that prescription drugs are not excluded from this list. Being impaired means that there must be enough of the alcohol or drug in your system to prevent you from thinking clearly and driving safely while on the road. According to many studies, impairment happens to many people well before they consider themselves drunk or stoned.

As for the numbers if you have a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, that is considered 'per se' Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). For those under the legal drinking age of 21, in almost all states you will be considered to be driving under the influence if you have a blood alcohol content great than .01% or .02%, depending on the state you are in.

In general, police have three different methods of figuring out whether or not a driver is under the influence:

Do I have to take a test if the police direct me to do so?

In general, you are allowed to refuse to take a chemical blood alcohol level test, but if you do, you will invoke an 'implied consent' law. This will likely result in a suspension of your driver's license for a period of time, even if you are found not guilty in court. In addition, if your case does go to trial, the prosecutor is free to tell the jury that you refused to take a chemical test, which may look bad for your drunken driving defense.

After I have been stopped for driving under the influence, can I consult with a lawyer before deciding which a chemical test to take?

This depends upon the laws of your state. For example, in Arizona, you may talk to a lawyer before deciding to take a chemical test. However, other states do not allow you to consult with an attorney before a test.

I was stopped at a roadblock and asked to wait to answer some questions. Was this legal?

If the police used some sort of neutral policy for picking out which cars to stop, then it was legal. Police are allowed to single out automobiles at roadblocks if they have a good reason to do so, such as a suspicion that you are driving under the influence.

Should I get a lawyer if I have been charged with drunk driving? Are there any free or low-cost options for getting legal advice?

Having an attorney review your case is probably the best way to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome after a DUI arrest. And since attorneys are not cheap, you might want to start out by having a qualified DUI attorney give you free feedback about your case before you enter into a contract.
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Video: A Brighter Future for Drivers with Expert DUI Defense.



Suspected of DUI? Call today. Residents: Was your sobriety test incorrectly performed? Let us find out!


Residents: Get Back to Normal Faster with Experienced DUI Defense No two DUI cases are the same


DUI Defense Services for Hardworking Residents. DUI Defense Specialists


Our chemical analysis team can identify mishandled sobriety tests to invalidate DUI charges. Residents: You Don't Have To Deal with a Serious DUI Conviction!


We can help establish your innocence in a suspected DUI. Personalized DUI Defenses built on the most relevant case law.


Let us work with you to build an effective defense for a DUI or DWI case. DUI Cases: Factors to Consider


We are the most trusted DUI Defense resource. Clearing your record after a DUI arrest could be easy.


Do I Need Professional DUI Defense After an Arrest? Residents: Let us start building your DUI defense today.


Residents: Don't let a DUI arrest land you behind bars! A DUI arrest is a major issue.


Residents: Learn More about Your DUI Defense options here. DUI Laws are some of the country's strictest. Let us help after an arrest.


We have a deep knowledge of DUI Laws. Stay on the streets of with experienced DUI Defense services.


Residents: Let us start building your DUI defense today. A Brighter Future for Drivers with Expert DUI Defense.


Effective DUI Defense. Do I Need Professional DUI Defense After an Arrest?


Have you been arrested for DUI? Call now. Mishandling of evidence could overturn your DUI arrest!


Can I have my DUI charges dropped in the legal system? Residents: We Can Invalidate Mishandled Breathalyzer and Blood Tests!


No two DUI cases are the same DUI Defense Services for Hardworking Residents.


Don't let a DUI arrest turn into a conviction! Why DUI Defense is a Wise Investment


The most experienced DUI Defense team. DUI Defense: Much cheaper than a conviction.


Experienced DUI attorneys. A DUI or DWI conviction could skyrocket insurance rates for Drivers!


We can provide DUI Defense in courts of law as well as DMV hearings. A DUI Conviction Can Leave You Bankrupt


A Brighter Future for Drivers with Expert DUI Defense. Don't gamble with your freedom after a DUI arrest!


Residents: You Need Expert DUI Defense Right Now DUI Defense Services for Hardworking Residents.


Residents: We Can Help You Avoid DUI Conviction Residents: Get Back to Normal Faster with Experienced DUI Defense


Our most reliable DUI Defense Services A DUI conviction could impact your earning potential. Let us help.


DUI Defense services tailored to Residents. Not sure if you need DUI defense? Think again.


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